About DayRate

About Dayrate

This Day-Rate survey originated with Online Consultants back in 2002. Online Consultants represented several 100 independent oil industry consultants in their dealings with oil field operators and service companies.

“When we put our heads together we realised some of us were getting paid a lot more, or a lot less than our colleagues, and we set out to share information so we were all getting a fair day rate. This was extremely successful  and ever since, it has been a very useful tool for consultants in the oil industry to quickly check if we are being paid a fair day-rate.”

Now literally thousands of consultants contribute and have access to the survey data.

Complete our survey for a chance to win in our Survey prize draw! 
The Winner of our first prize draw on the 2nd September 2015 is Faiyaz Rashid. The Kindle is on it's way.

If you enter all the requested information in the survey, in addition to your basic rate information, ,  you will automatically be entered into our monthly prize draw. Each month one lucky winner will be picked at random to win a Kindle eBook reader worth over $120.00.

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Simply  forward our website information to your friends. Every one of them that visits our site and enters the day rate survey will be logged against your name.  The more references, the more chance you have of winning a Kindle worth over $120.00

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Please take part in our day-rate/salary survey- at www.day-rate.com it’s free of charge and you could win a Kindle eBook reader worth over $120.00!  You will also get a free copy of the survey results as well.